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About Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma)


Course Overveiw

The Pharmacy field offers with lots of career opportunities (Career option after B.Pharm and D.Pharm). If you wish to make your carrier in the field of pharmacy you can choose one of the several courses. It may be diploma, degree or PG course. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy. The B.Pharm is one of the popular job oriented course among the science students after class 12th. In this course the students study about the drugs and medicines, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry etc. This course provides a large no. of job opportunities in both the public and private sector.

B Pharmacy or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a 4 years Undergraduate degree program that deals with the intricacies of the pharmaceutical industry, starting from manufacturing medicines and drugs to dispensing them across various medical stores, distributors and stockists.

Bachelor of Pharmacy, as the name suggests, has a course structure which is particularly specialised for pharmaceutical studies. Few of the most vital subjects included in B Pharm course study are Biochemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Computer Applications in Pharmacy etc.

There are several interesting points that can be jotted down, as to why you should pursue B Pharmacy. Apart from the fact that B Pharmacy will help you in making a career as a Medical Representative, Scientific Writing, Medical Scripting, Clinical Research etc we will discuss in detail other reasons for pursuing this course.

B Pharmacy Entrance Exam Syllabus

B Pharmacy Entrance Exam Syllabus consists of portions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English. Below mentioned table gives us an elaborate idea of the subjects to prepare for while appearing for B Pharmacy entrance exam,

Units & Measurements Rotational Motion Wave
Kinetics Power & Energy Heat & Thermodynamics
Law of Motion Gravitation Electrostatics
State of Matter Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry Surface Chemistry
Atomic Structure Stereochemistry Biological Industrial and Environmental Chemistry
Chemical bonding & Molecular Structure Hydrogen & S Block Elements Chemical Dynamics
Genetics and Evolution Diversity in Living World Cell: The unit of life, structure & functions
Structure & Function of Plants Reproduction, Growth & Movement in Plants Ecology and Environment
Structure and Function of Animals Reproduction and Development in Humans Biology and Human welfare


B Pharmacy Syllabus

Human Anatomy and Physiology I - Theory Human Anatomy and Physiology - Practical
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry - Practical Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry I - Theory
Communication Skills - Theory Communication Skills - Practical
Remedial Biology/ Remedial Mathematics - Theory Remedial Biology - Practical
Pharmaceutical Analysis I - Practical Pharmaceutical Analysis I - Theory
Pharmaceutics I - Theory Pharmaceutics I - Practical
Human Anatomy and Physiology II - Theory Human Anatomy and Physiology II - Practical
Biochemistry - Theory Biochemistry - Practical
Computer Applications in Pharmacy - Theory Computer Applications in Pharmacy - Practical
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I - Theory Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I - practical
Pathophysiology - Theory Environmental Science - Theory
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II - Theory Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II - Practical
Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Theory Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Practical
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I - Practical Physical Pharmaceutics I - Practical
Physical Pharmaceutics I - Theory Pharmaceutical Engineering - Practical
Pharmaceutical Engineering - Theory -
Physical Pharmaceutics II - Theory Physical Pharmaceutics II - Practical
Medicinal Chemistry I - Theory Medicinal Chemistry I - Practical
Pharmacology I - Theory Pharmacology I - Practical
Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry I - Theory Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III - Theory
Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry II - Theory harmacognosy Phytochemistry II - Practical
Pharmacology II - Theory Pharmacology II - Practical
Industrial Pharmacy I - Theory Industrial Pharmacy I - Practical
Medical Chemistry II - Theory Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence - Theory
Herbal Drug Technology - Practical -
Medical Chemistry III - Theory Medical Chemistry III - Practical
Pharmacology III - Theory Pharmacology III - Practical
Herbal Drug Technology - Theory Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics - Theory
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - Theory Quality Assurance - Theory
Pharmaceutical Analysis III - Theory Pharmaceutical Analysis III - Practical
Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics I Pharmacognosy IV
Pharmacology IV - Theory Pharmacology IV - Practical
Pharmaceutical Technology IV - Theory Pharmaceutical Technology IV - Practical
Medical Chemistry IV - Theory Medical Chemistry IV - Practical
Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics II Biopharmaceutics
Pharmacognosy Clinical Pharmacy - Theory
Pharmacokinetics Clinical Pharmacy - Practical

The pharmacy sector offers lots of opportunities to the students after the completion of the course. The students can work in a Pharmaceutical company or can practice as a Pharmacist. There is huge number of opportunities available for the students in both public and the private sector. You can also work in a government sector. Beside this, you can also work in an Abroad Company.

After completing a graduation degree, you can work at government hospitals, private medical shops & private hospitals/clinics. You can also start your own consultancies & medical shop.

The students can work in a Pharmaceutical company or can practice as a Pharmacist. In Pharmaceutical Company, you can work in departments such as quality control, manufacturing, packing marketing, production, etc.

You can also make your career in Pharmaceutical Management & marketing field as a Production Manager, Medical Representative, Area Manager, etc.

After the completion of the course the students can work as a:

Chemical/Drug Technician Bio-Technology Industries Drug Therapist
Drug Inspector Hospital Drug Coordinator Health Inspector
Pharmacist Pathological Lab Research & Development
Making Prescription to Patients Scientist Research Officer

B Pharmacy, as discussed, does not restrict itself to working in the healthcare industry or joining the pharma industry. B Pharmacy credits to itself a wide variety of choices for its learners. 

Some of the top job profiles along with their description after completing B Pharmacy has been tabulated below for your reference, 

some of the major areas where you can find employment after pursuing BHM

Job profile Job Description
Medical Writer The main responsibility of a medical writer is to work with doctors and maintain a record of all the medical results, product use and medical information
Clinical Researcher A Clinical researcher collects and analyses data that is gained after a long period of testing and researching
Drug Inspector A Drug Inspector majorly oversees the quality of a drug and is also responsible for issueuingh licenses to other pharmacists
Medical Representative They are responsible for selling various medicines for the company they are working for. Their job is target oriented.
Pharmacy Business Main job role will be to distribute and dispense medicines in either retail or whole, regionally or across India after going through all the ethical and legal guidelines by the monitoring bodies, while ensuring that safe and correct medicines are supplied to the public.
Hospital Pharmacist A hospital pharmacist dispenses medications and maintains the pharmacy in a hospital. Hospital Pharmacists are responsible for managing inventories and distributing medicines in a hospital on the orders of a physician.