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About Diploma in Hotel Management (D.H.M)


Course Overveiw

The Diploma in hotel Management (DHM) provides the necessary knowledge, management skills, and experience necessary to manage hospitality. The course will provide training to focus on the needs of the client and will develop the knowledge, skills and experience to become effective managers. From the course, candidates will gain knowledge and understanding of the management of various tourist and hotel establishments, as well as a number of approaches and strategies appropriate to their context. In addition, they will be able to apply approaches and strategies to the management of tourism and hotel business and the implementation of the strategy, if necessary, in accordance with the local context.

Diploma in Hotel Management is a 3-year diploma level Hotel Management course. Divided into six semesters, diploma in hotel management course focuses on the management of hotel administration, accounts, advertising, housekeeping, front office or front office, food and beverage management, catering, and upkeep.

The Bachelor of Hotel Management curriculum includes in-depth laboratory work for students in order to ensure the acquisition of the requisite knowledge and skill standards in the operational areas of catering, front office operation, food production, food, and beverage service, and housekeeping.

The subjects pursued in the Bachelor of Hotel Management curriculum throughout the nation are mostly maintained in most colleges and institutes. Listed below are some of the core subjects in the course:

Food Production Food and Beverage Service Front Office Service Housekeeping.


Semester 1 Semester 2
Language I Language I
Language II Language II
Front office operation Accommodation operation
Basic food production Basic food production
Basic food and beverage service asic food and beverage service
Nutrition food science Health and hygiene
Accommodation practical I Basic food production practical I
Language I Language I
Semester 3 Semester 4
Food and beverage management Quantity food production
Quality food production Beverage operations practical
Beverage operations Front office operation practical
Principles of management Accommodation operation practical II
Principles of accounting Hotel maintenance practical
Hotel maintenance Industrial exposure training
Environmental studies -
Semester 5 Semester 6
Advanced food production Advance food production
Advance beverage services Research methodology
Front office management Marketing sales management
Facility planning Applications of computer
Hotel law Applications of computer practical
Hotel financial management Project
Interdisciplinary -

There are many career opportunities that are available for BHM graduates. The education that the students gain makes them industry-relevant, thus increasing their career options. The most common roles the graduates work as are:

Catering Officer Hospitality Executive Cabin Crew
Marketing/Sales Executive Customer Service Executive Hospitality Executive

After earning a diploma in hotel management, students can also seek jobs in hotel and tourism companies, forest lodges, and guesthouses. Institutional administration, such as supervision of canteens in universities, schools, warehouses, business guest houses, etc., are also good places to work.

They can have positions in hotel & restaurant management, airline catering, and cabin services, club management, cruise ship hotel management, hospital management, and catering.

some of the major areas where you can find employment after pursuing BHM

Job profile Job Description
Assistant General Manager The Assistant Manager Is accountable for all areas of hotel management and supports the General Manager. They guide and organize the operations of hotels to achieve maximum quality and economic efficiency and optimize productivity, with a balanced perspective on the mission of hotels, visitors, staff, and owners.
Front Office Manager Front Office Managers will prepare the night auditor concierge and the reception staff. They guarantee that the front desk has a competent and polite customer service. They work with clients, including handling grievances as they come to the desk.
Hotel Manager Hotel managers are responsible for overseeing staff and for implementing, preparing, organizing, promoting, and maintaining hotel services such as dining and accommodation facilities.
Restaurant Manager Restaurant Managers should ensure the effective operation and sustainability of restaurants and handling their staff. They're also leading and operating as members of a team.
Maintenance Manager Maintenance Supervisors plan maintenance activities and troubleshoot minor repair problems. They convey the maintenance staff's progress plans.
Bar Manager The Bar Manager manages the bar's workers and activities. They are responsible for coordinating staff, handling customer feedback and checking that the bar is stored, and welcoming visitors. Bar Managers also retain liquor licenses to ensure that employees meet municipal laws.
Guest Relations Executive The guest Relations Officer is responsible for welcoming visitors comfortably and competently. Addressing and escalating client complaints. Providing updates on buildings, activities, and other resources.