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About Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Course Overveiw

Bachelor of Arts or BA is an undergraduate program. The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts and it comes under the discipline of humanities/arts. BA course duration is 3 years. BA course is divided equally into 6 semesters. Students who have a 10+2 degree in any stream can take up this course. There are various BA specializations available for the students to choose from. Some of them are Philosophy, Literature, Anthropology, Psychology, Theology, Journalism, French, Sanskrit, etc, and many more.

Many different specializations available under BA subjects make the course unique and diverse from other main courses. BA job scope is very wide and evergreen.

BA Full Form is Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor of Arts is one of India's most popular undergraduate degree programmes. Every year, over 9 million students pursue Bachelor of Arts courses in a variety of disciplines like History, Hindi, English, Psychology, and Journalism after graduating from high school.

A student can easily map their Bachelor of Arts course as per his or her future aspirations with options ranging from Psychology, Anthropology, History, Literature, Political Science, Philosophy, Foreign languages, Foreign Studies, Tourism, Public Relations, Sociology, and more.

BA Subjects

English Psychology Philosophy
History French Sociology


Bachelor of Arts in English
English Literature Twentieth Century Indian Writing Nineteenth Century European Realism
Classical Literature and Contemporary Literature Literary Theory Modern European Drama
Women's Writing of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Introduction to Psychology Statistical Methods for Psychological Research Psychology of Individual Differences,
Development of Psychological Psychology for Health and Well-being Development of Psychological
Dealing with Psychological Disorders
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Introductory Microeconomics Mathematical Methods for Economics Introductory Macroeconomics
Intermediate Microeconomics Statistical Methods for Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Modern Indian Political Thought and Modern Political Philosophy Understanding Political Theory Constitutional Government and Democracy in India
Political Theory-Concepts and Debates Introduction to Comparative Government & Politics Perspectives on Public Administration
Perspectives on International Relations Public Policy and Administration in India
Bachelor of Arts in History
History of India Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World Rise of Modern West
Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World History of Modern Europe History Of Southeast Asia-The 19TH Century
History of Modern East Asia
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Indian Philosophy Logic, Greek Philosophy and Ethics Descartes to Kant
Social & Political Philosophy: Indian and Western, Applied Ethics Text of Indian and Western Philosophy Truth Functional Logic
Philosophy of Religion (Indian & Western) Philosophy of Language (Indian & Western)
achelor of Arts in Geography
Geomorphology Climatology Cartographic Techniques
Geography of Population Analytical Physical Geography Oceanography
Geography of Settlements Economic and Environmental Geography Urban Geography
Geography of Natural Resources Statistical Methods in Geography Geography of India
Agricultural Geography Geography of Tourism Rural Development
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Introduction to Sociology Indian Sociology Sociology of Religion
Economic Sociology Political Sociology Environment & Society

One with good creativity and wanting to explore the different forms of arts can take up the BA course. There are various job opportunities provided in various sectors for Bachelor of Arts graduates and BA subjects such as Advertising, Law, Public Planning, Graphics, and Printing Industry, Journalism is highly career-oriented.

Job profile Job Description
Content Creator Content creators can be employed in any field ranging from copywriting to travel writing, blogging, etc. They are also required in big MNCs to develop content for brands and advertising.
Academic Writing and Editing Academic writers usually write content for research articles or papers and edit the already written articles for further modifications.
Air Hostess/ Flight Attendant They are responsible for the safety of passengers inside the flight, taking care of them and serving them onboard.
Political Consultant A political consultant studies the origin, development, and operation of political systems, which may include public opinion, ideology, political decision-making,
Author/ Writer An Author writes fictional, academic, non fictional or any genre of books or short stories, apart from different sorts of literature mediums.
Historian A historian usually writes or outlines the chronological account or record of past or current events in history, dealing with some phase of human activity, either in terms of individuals, or social, ethnic, political, or geographic groupings.
Psychologist A psychologist employs their education and practical knowledge to provide diagnostic interviews, psychological testing, and individual, group psychotherapy, etc. They can work individually or may work as part of a multidisciplinary team or professionals.
Executive Assistant An Executive Assistant performs the role similar to a secretary or administrative assistant. They usually perform tasks from accepting and making phone calls, setting business meeting agendas to reviewing incoming reports, etc.
Counsellor A counselor guides students or professionals about their career and studies as per the client's interest. They work either individually or under some counselling company.
Foreign Language Expert Foreign language experts are the professionals who help to translate conversations and written files to overcome language barriers in business and communication.
Social Worker Social work can be done in any field like child labour, women's rights, unemployment, anima services, etc. There are so many government institutions and organizations which require social workers. They are also employed by national and international NGOs.
Archaeologist An Archaeologist investigates historic and prehistoric sites and examines the physical remains to understand human links to the past and to preserve past cultures.