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About Mass Communication


Course Overveiw

Mass Communication has emerged as a major area of interest and has immensely contributed to the development & empowerment of society. As an academic discipline, it has rapidly acquired importance and become a major attraction for students. The information technology revolution has significantly contributed to the expansion of mass media. It has also posed major challenges for students, teachers and practitioners of mass media. The rapidly evolving technology scenario is changing the very complexion of the discipline in a manner unknown to any other area of academic activity. It is a challenge which we accept as an essential part of life .

The Master of Mass Communication (MMC) course is a 2-year postgraduate programme offered across different mass communication colleges in India. Like other journalism and mass communication courses in India, MMC has been designed to extensively train students in the different modes and techniques of communication.

The course requires candidates to have good communication and interpersonal skills, creativity and have an ability to think critically and analytically, while also making out of the box decisions to publish a story that will capture the minds of its target audience.

The curriculum of the Master of Mass Communication course has been designed to incorporate theoretical and practical training in different modes of communication such as Newspaper Publishing, TV News Production, Radio Production, Public Relations, Advertising, Electronic Media and much more.


1st Year
Communication Research Advertising & Corporate Communication Development Communication
Human Communication Inter Cultural Communication Development of Media
Electronic Media International Communication Radio & Television
2nd Year
Media Law Ethics Media Research Print Media
Media Management Principles of Mass Communication Mass Communication
Media Productions Production Portfolio Media Serializations
Media Writing New Media Technology Public Relations

A Mass Communication qualified candidate will have a wide range of job opportunities be it in the Radio, Television, Social Media or the Print industry. Below we have listed some top job profiles along with the remuneration offered after completing a Mass Communication course.

Job profile Job Description
Journalist The job role of a Journalist includes interviewing people and doing research and making reports on various incidents.
Editor Their job role is to edit a final version of a news to air or get published on newspapers, magazines or internet platforms.
Radio Jockey An RJ entertains and spreads information to the listeners through radio.
Video Jockey A VJ hosts or conducts shows, interviews, events etc. on TV channels or video platforms like YouTube.
Public Relations Specialist Their role is to maintain excellent communication and business relations between a channel and its sponsors.
Film Maker They are responsible for direction, sequencing and leading a film set as an in-charge.
Content Writer They are writers who create research based articles or written pieces for e-books, websites, channels, etc.
Photographer They are responsible for clicking attractive pictures with lenses and editing images in a unique way for magazines, social media, etc
Communication Manager They manage communications between a company and their clients or partners.
Copywriter Their role is to plan and create copies to advertise a product in the marketing for selling.

One of the many industries that promote creative, out-of-the-box thinking and push people to be better versions of themselves, the career opportunities after Master of Mass Communication are immense and varied. Students can pursue a range of different job profiles across different platforms and build a stable and secure career path in the field of journalism and mass communication. Here are some of the job profiles that are available to an MMC graduate in India.

Fashion Photographer Feature Writer Cartoonist
Freelance Writer Reporter TV Correspondent
Sound Technician Public Relation Officer Film Director