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Online Distance Education

Online and Distance MBA:

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year degree programme that University offers online. A candidate gains business management abilities during this course, including communication, HR, product, and other skills that can assist the candidate land a solid position in the linked sector. The most recent trend in higher education is distance MBA. Distance MBA programmes are becoming increasingly popular among students over traditional programmes. The way people live have changed significantly as a result of technology.

Through the development of more tools and methods, the usage of new technology has also impacted educational processes. Students will learn information and skills about using electronic devices by exploring the massive networking resource known as the internet. The development of technology has made enormous strides.

They can interact with top-notch academics and industry professionals and get a lot of knowledge from their travels. Students can engage in conversation with one another. This will enable them to think critically and bring diverse viewpoints together on a single platform. By offering the nation something fresh, they can specialise in something.

Women's or Working Professonal who are unable to attend a conventional classroom programme can receive a quality education in higher studies through the distant learning programme. Many courses from the university are available online, including those in management, bachelor's degrees, and medicine. For its MBA programmes offered via distance learning, University is best known. The institution provides a high-quality education, a broad perspective, and outstanding prospects in a variety of businesses and the public and commercial sectors through this curriculum.

Online and Distance MA:

The Master of Arts (MA) is a two-year graduate program that focuses on the study of arts, humanities, and select branches of social science. The MA curriculum is designed to teach students how to think critically, examine arguments, and express their own opinions. Discussion is a big part of most MA degree programs.

Those who earn an MA in fields like sociology, literature, and psychology might find satisfying careers both in India and abroad. There is a large pool of private and public sector employment prospects in India and overseas for graduates of this program.


Those seeking a professional foothold in the arts and social sciences can consider enrolling in the Master of Arts program. Aspirants can start professions in a variety of fields, including English, Finance, Political Science, Psychology, and Mass Communication, to mention a few, depending upon the type of MA program they choose to enroll in.

The relative significance of the long-standing appeal of the MA degree program cannot be overstated. Participants in this course will get a foundational understanding of topics related to their existing domains of expertise; this will prepare them to continue their education and pursue careers in their chosen sectors. Students pursuing this degree will be able to learn about the most up-to-date methods and tools in their chosen fields.

The MA shows a more conventional approach to applying theory. In this course, we ask students to consider business theories from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and ethics.

Elective Courses in MA:

Hindi English History
Sociology Economics Mathematics
Political Science

Programme Duration

Master of Arts is a post-graduate degree program and this programs are typically two years course.

Minimum Duration : 2 Year Maximum Duration : 4 Year

Online distance MA journalism and Distance :

The curriculum of an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication provides students with the tools they need to analyze and evaluate the many forms of media. This is a two-year graduate program. Students in this course will learn how to effectively disseminate information through many forms of mass media, such as print publications, audio and visual presentations, and the internet.


MA Journalism & Mass Communication is a study of different forms of communication by which individuals can deliver information to a vast portion of the population through mass media. Participants in this course should have a natural curiosity for learning, the self-discipline to do their own research, the capacity to distill complex ideas into simple language, and the fluency to articulate those ideas both in oral and written form. Reporting, writing, editing, photography, and other related skills are covered and taught throughout the course.

Students can choose from a wide range of degrees in the field of journalism, including those focused on sports, science, the environment, fashion, film, advertising, corporate communications, and more. Graduates who are successful in their career searches may get employment in fields including marketing, cinematography, broadcasting, press information, radio, television networks, websites, etc.

Students must have a Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% from an accredited university in any field to be considered for admission to the program. In certain institutions, students are admitted based on their performance in a combination of an entrance test, a Group Discussion, and an interview.

Programme Duration

MA Journalism & Mass Communication is a post-graduate degree program and this programs are typically two years course.

Minimum Duration : 2 Year Maximum Duration : 4 Year

Eligibility & Fee

Online/distance MA Journalism & Mass Communication eligibility criteria are too very flexible. To pursue an online and distance MA Journalism & Mass Communication one has to be completed graduation from any recognised university. There are no entrance examinations for admission in this course.

Online and Distance M.Com :

The Master of Commerce (M.Com) program is a two-year program focused on business and financial innovation. The focus of this curriculum is on preparing students for responsible positions in the business and financial sectors. M.Com degree opens doors for graduates in the fields of mutual fund brokerage, financial bookkeeping, budget analysis, and management consulting.


The Master of Commerce degree is highly sought after by students in India. Students can tailor their M.Com studies to their own schedules, interests, and skill sets by choosing from a variety of specialties and course options. The M.Com degree is a well-regarded program that helps students get ready for successful professions in economics and commerce.

The field of M.Com is quite varied, and there is a sea of possibilities made possible by the rapid development of new technologies. M.Com grads are in high demand for professions that require significant responsibility, such as financial analyst and supervisor, in today's era of startups and the rise of entrepreneurship.

M.Com graduates who are able to secure internships at industry leaders like Infosys and Dell will have a much more impressive portfolio of work experience to highlight upon graduation. The primary function of investment bankers is to help their clients access the capital market to issue debt or sell shares of stock in order to expand finance. Finance grads can find work in a variety of fields, including consulting and advisory services, bookkeeping and business analysis, stock broking, and more.

The Master of Commerce degree program is narrow in scope. Candidates for the M.Com can contend with MBA graduates thanks to the program's emphasis on disciplines including Management Theory, Institutional Management, and Governance Model. Compared to a CA program, an M.Com course is substantially shorter and has a similar length to an MBA program.

Programme Duration

Master of Commerce is a post-graduate degree program and these programs are typically two years course.

Minimum Duration : 2 Year Maximum Duration : 4 Year

Eligibility & Fee

Online/distance M. Com eligibility criteria are too very flexible. To pursue an online and distance Master of Commerce in Education one has to be completed graduation from any recognised university. There are no entrance examinations for admission in this course./p>

M.C.A. - Master of Computer Application :

Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a post graduate level program that teaches you computer programming , computer application ,database management and other information technology related subjects. Online MCA degree encompasses a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing aspirants for careers in the field of information technology. There are some of the eminent posts like database administrators, , IT consultants, system analysts, software developers, project managers etc that can be achieved after the completion of the MCA program. Moreover, after MCA the professional can go for dynamic roles and highly paid jobs in the field of information Technology.

Eligibility Criteria Graduate degree from any recognized university with minimum of 45% aggregate marks obtained.
Course Duration 2 years

Features Of Online MCA Course

  • Accreditation : Renowned University online is well accreditated by NAAC A+ as it's education quality surpasses all standards. The students get an opportunity to shape their career along with their other professional and personal commitments.
  • Curriculum : Curriculum is based on core business subjects along with many elective options that prepare the student for professional undertakings. The curriculum allows you to have an in depth knowledge of the computer applications and it's usage in the information technology field.
  • Faculty : The University has well qualified and experienced faculties who provide a synchromatic environment for best teach and learning experiences.
  • Cost and Financial Aid : The Online degree courses enhance your educational qualification and are highly cost effective providing the option for scholarships and part-payment plans with easy loan options.
  • Professional Development : Online MCA can boost your critical and analytical thinking, and communication skills which can help you considerably in your career progression and learning professional skills.
  • Admission Requirements are standardized test scores, academic qualifications, and other criteria required for online MCA programs to build your career in most impactful manner and escalate your professional growth.